Welcome to The Trimmed Wick

We were making candles in early 2002, designing aromatherapy blends when a wonderful life changing event took place. The birth of our first child, a son. We wanted the very best of products and care for him. We looked for holistic and naturopathic choices and always addressed these with our primary care doctor. Our doctor suggested switching from paraffin wax candles, which are petroleum based, to a plant based candle such as Soy. He explained the burning paraffin released many dangerous chemicals and soot into the air. Our adult lugs can manage the toxins, but they could be dangerous for our newborn son. A plant derived wax however, like Soy burns clean and without soot. At that time, Soy candles were hard to find, so we started making them ourselves. We have burned nothing but Soy ever since.

It wasn’t too long after this that our son developed Eczema and skin allergies to soap, we searched high and low for a solution. Through a mother’s love and persistence, relief was found. It came in 2 folds. First, from a Scottish grandmother’s advice and the help of a Naturopath at the Bastyr University Clinic, we were introduced to the wonders of the Calendula flower and we made a salve for our son. Widely used in Scotland and Europe, Calendula extract collected from the flower’s petals, has a great skin soothing and anti-inflammatory property. While applying the salve to our son helped, it didn’t solve the soap allergy problem. The second part of the solution was in developing a natural soap bar that easily rinsed off the body as well as having a mild PH. Soaps and lotions based on Soybean oil are not only great moisturizers; they are also non-allergenic to most people. Armed with a beautiful combination of Calendula and Soy, we were able to bring relief to our son.

Soon, we started making vegan, Kosher, and cruelty free soy-based soaps and candles at our home and offering them in local farmers’ markets. We expanded our aroma selection and started growing some of our own Calendula. We traveled to the Mexican Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands to research tropical fragrances. Most of the essential oils we use are organically grown and distilled in small batches. We hand blend many of our scents striving hard to capture the true nature of their being. Our goal through scent is to create a memory and a whole scope of mood in every aroma design. The response has been amazing and we have grown! Over the years, many people have shared with us their similar experiences and skin problems with animal- and petroleum-based products. With hundreds of feedbacks shared by you, we have worked to ever improve our products while holding fast to our initial dedication of creating something safe and satisfying.

Many of you are already regular customers. Thank you! For those who are trying The Trimmed Wick products for the first time, we hope you find the same joy and relief that soy-based products have provided to many of our family and friends.

We look forward to your comments and questions. Please reach us at thetrimmedwick@aol.com.